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By Grace Hansen

Those animal evidence are certain to make almost about every person smile and occasionally pass ""awwwe!"" Little readers will research a adorable or humorous truth approximately a few of their favourite animals. a colourful, full-bleed picture will accompany every one truth and may definitely allure reluctant readers too. entire with a desk of contents, word list, index, or even extra proof!

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Each little atom on the top is moving along with the top, and it would continue its movement in the same direction. If you try to tilt or topple the top by gently pulling it forward, every atom in the top will try to resist this change by continuing its motion in the plane perpendicular to the rotation axis. The axis of rotation also seeks to retain its original direction. In other words, the top continues to spin in the direction that it started to spin, as the law states. Now along comes your neighbourhood bully, and sticking his tongue out, he pulls the top with such force that wham!

Can we photograph a mirage? Yes, because light rays make up a mirage, they can be photographed. Trees are sometimes seen upside down, as they look in a pool of water. This is because the 33 layers of air of different density bend the light rays—coming down from the treetop—upward again. This happens along our line of vision, and our eyes automatically trace the ray back to a virtual (not real) image, and we actually see the top of the tree which lies beneath the horizon. In fact, it has happened to sailors at sea that they cannot see a distant ship because of hot air layers, but they do 'see' the ship in the sky, upside down!

Even the thought hurts, does it not? What causes pain? Why do we feel it in some places and not in others? In order to feel any sensation, whether pain or pleasure, we must have cells that are alive and connected to nerves. Our fingernails and hair are made up of dead cells and do not possess 55 any nerve fibres at all, so it is not surprising that they do not cause us pain or pleasure. Nerves carry the sensation of pain to the brain, and the brain acts somewhat like a complicated computer. The nervous system is made up of billions of cells called neurons or nerve cells.

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