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Sarcoidosis is a posh multisytem ailment. Shortness of breath (dyspnea) and a cough that may not depart could be one of the first indicators of sarcoidosis, yet sarcoidosis may also appear unexpectedly with the looks of pores and skin rashes and different dermatoses. An Atlas of Sarcoidosis: Pathogenesis, analysis and medical gains combines illustrations and medical photographs of the authors? wide practices, in order that readers have unprecedented entry to a complete choice of sarcoidosis photographs. The atlas is designed to counterpoint and supply a visible complement to already latest texts on sarcoidosis. each one organ involvement is dealt in a quick and straightforward to appreciate demeanour. a number of radiographic and laboratory abnormalities are then associated with the medical positive factors so that it will motivate a soft and simple useful integration on the bedside and to assist practicing pulmonologists, dermatologists and different clinicians who require a complete visible encyclopedia of sarcoidosis photos.

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3 Notice the translucent space between the enlarged nodes and the cardiovascular margin. (A) The hilum is more visible on the right and the space as well. (B) “Scalloped” or “potato” bronchopulmonary nodes. 6 Chest X-ray presenting BHL and erythema nodosum. 7 This is not sarcoidosis. This chest X-ray with the enlargement of the right paratracheal and bilateral hilar lymph nodes represents Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 4 Chest X-ray presenting BHL. 8 Hodgkin’s lymphoma biopsy sample of the same patient. (Courtesy of Dr.

Baughman R. Sarcoidosis. Usual and unusual manifestations (clinical conference). Chest 1988;94:165–170. 5. Huang C, Heurich A, Rosen Y, et al. Pulmonary sarcoidosis: roentgenographic, functional and pathologic correlations. Respiration 1979;37:337. 6. Corsello B, et al. Endobronchial mass lesion due to sarcoidosis: complete resolution with corticosteroids. Thorax 1983;38:157. 7. Sharma OP. Sarcoidosis: Clinical Management. London: Butterworth, 1984. 8. Teirstein A, Siltzbach L. Sarcoidosis of the upper lung fields simulating pulmonary tuberculosis.

L/S FEF. 50. . . . . L/S 2 . . . . . L/S FEF. 25. FEF. 50% FVC. . % . PIF. . . . . . . L/S FIF . 50. . . . . L/S ERV. . . . . 1. . L. 33 3 50 DATE 179 TEMP. iDEG C? PR. iMB/MMHG? M HUMIDITY i%? 91 ? ? 01 20 0999 70 %PRED 98 72 73 100 95 33 36 32 4 VOLUME [L] 5 6 7 8 42 Atlas of Sarcoidosis Airway Obstruction The obstruction of airways, large and small, may result from endobronchial granulomas and bronchiolitis, disruption of the supporting structure around terminal, and respiratory bronchioles or via mediator-induced smooth muscle constriction.

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