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114, L4. 43 R. M. Hjellming and D. M. ), Radio Stars, 43. © 1985 by D. Reidel Publishing Company. SYNCHROTRON EMISSION FROM CHAOTIC STELLAR WINDS Richard L. White Space Telescope Science Institute Homewood Campus Baltimore. MD 21218 ABSTRACT. A new model for the radio emission from hot stars is described. Electrons are accelerated to relativistic energies by shocks in the wind near the star and emit radio radiation through the synchrotron mechanism. The particle energy spectrum and radio spectrum for this model have been calculated; the model can account for many of the observed characteristics of some recently discovered stars which have peculiar radio emission.

PARTICLE ACCELERATION IN CIR'S Fisk and Lee (1980, hereafter FL) have discussed particle acceleration in CIR shocks in terms of a diffusion coefficient K and a shock jump parameter a = (Va + n2r§)1/2 Bu/(V6+n2r§)Bd. Subscripts u and d refer to upstream and down- stream, B is magnetic field strength, V is wind speed, rs is thedistance of the shock from the star, and n is the angular velocity of the star. In OB star winds, rs ::: several tens of stellar radii (R*). e. SGrs exceeds Vd or Vue Hence a ::: Bu/Bd.

White, D. B. Melrose Dept. of Theoretical Physics, University of Sydney, Australia, 2006 and G. A. Dulk Dept. A. ABSTRACT. The magneto ionic z mode has traditionally been of less interest (outside ionospheric physics) than the x and 0 modes because it cannot escape directly from a distant source. However xecent work on the cyclotron maser instability has shown that when the electron plasma frequency, W , is smaller than the electron gyrofrequency, n, under plausible coRditions most of the free energy available to the instability rna;' be transferred to the z mode rather than the x or 0 modes (Hewitt et aI, 1983; Omidi et aI, 1984; White, 1984).

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