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By Richard F. Lockey, Dennis K. Ledford

This paintings provides present info on allergens and the simplest equipment and intent for immunotherapy remedy. It covers sufferer choice standards, allergen vaccine management, and monetary issues. This version is revised and extended, containing 20 new chapters on components together with immunobiology, tree pollens, mite allergens, blending allergen vaccines, debatable immunotherapy, aeobiology, allergen nomenclature, grass pollens, weed pollens, and cockroach allergens.

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Salvaggio 53 4. Allergen Nomenclature Martin D. Chapman 73 5. Tree Pollen Allergens Rudolf Valenta, Verena Niederberger, Sabine Fischer, Siegfried Jäger, Susanne Spitzauer, and Dietrich Kraft 85 6. Grass Pollen Allergens Robert E. Esch 103 7. Weed Pollen Allergens Shyam S. Mohapatra and Richard F. Lockey 121 8. Mold Allergens Hari M. Vijay, Ajay J. Thaker, Banani Banerjee, Viswanath P. Kurup 133 9. Hymenoptera Allergens Te Piao King and Miles Guralnick 155 10. Biting Insect Allergens Donald R. Hoffman 169 Page xii 11.

Richard Otto Temporary protection (desensitization) induced by repeated subanaphylactic doses of antigen through neutralization or exhaustion of anaphylactic antibody (27). Alexander Besedreka Masked anaphylaxis, partial refractory state: antigen prevented from reaching shock tissue by excess of circulating anaphylactic antibody (193). Richard Weil19111914 First reported successful immunization against grass pollen toxin for hay fever (29,30). Leonard Noon and John Freeman 19171919 Injection treatments for desensitization expanded to allergens beyond pollens (37).

Noon's observations provided the following (still pertinent) guidelines: (1) a negative phase of decreased resistance develops after initiation of injection treatment; (2) increased resistance to allergen challenge, measured by quantitative ophthalmic tests, is dose-dependent; (3) the optimal interval between injections is 1 to 2 weeks; (4) sensitivity may increase if injections are Page 11 Figure 8 Leonard Noon (18771913). Immunologist on staff, Innoculation Department, St. Mary's Hospital, London.

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