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It is be mixed Methane (CH 4 ) contains carbon 34 in with the ice. Oberon, the outermost appears from to be an satellite, ice satellite 362,500 miles covered with craters the craters to the surface. been produced is when lava was Dark from and the planet. It material sprayed patches in some craters ejected from may have beneath the surface. 35 and hydrogen. The methane may have broken down, hydrogen and leaving black carbon releasing poor —a very reflector. OBERON is covered with craters, heavy bombardment during craters appear to be its filled in, which means there was early history.

The material in Earth probably came mainly from the interior portion of the solar cloud, most of which became the Sun. 19 field. For any planet to have a magnetic think it field, scientists must have a semimolten or liquid layer of mate- rial. The and it liquid layer must be able must move or flow over a to conduct electricity, solid layer. Like Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, Uranus giant" —a planet made up primarily of atmosphere is 4000 or 5000 is a "gas gases. Uranus's miles deep, and it contains hydrogen, methane, and some helium.


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