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In our examination of the UFO phenomenon, we wish to focus on the truly unidentified accounts for which there is no apparent Earthly explanation. The evidence examined to this point seems to confirm that UFOs are physical objects. However, additional data suggests that under certain circumstances this may not be the case. For example, UFOs have been tracked on radar traveling at over 25,000 miles per hour within our atmosphere. Yet, unlike physical objects, they do not cause sonic booms and they do not burn up.

Its gravitational effects are discernable, but it has yet to be directly observed by conventional methods employing photons of electromagnetic radiation—hence its name. Dark matter has been the subject of many conjectures and associated searches, but no one has resolved this elusive mystery. Dark matter has yet to be observed, and so its properties remain unknown. Some mathematical conjectures about exotic forms of dark matter suggest that it could have properties that might be exploited in some form of highly advanced propulsion system.

They have been known to make right-angle turns at over 15,000 miles per hour, something no physical object could endure. And despite visual confirmation, UFOs often fail to show up on photographic film or radar devices. The bizarre physics of UFOs is further illustrated by the fact that many apparently reliable witnesses, including civilian and military pilots, have seen UFOs materialize and dematerialize instantaneously. This phenomenon was witnessed in the Mexico, Israel, and Arizona sightings in recent months.

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