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If the dog bites you, report the bite to an adult without delay and wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water. File a report with your local animal care and control agency. Include what the dog looked like, the owner's name and address if you know it, where you saw the dog, whether you’ve seen it before, and which direction the dog was last headed. • When dogs bite kids: The mildest and happiest of dogs sometimes is so surprised by an innocent child around him that his initial response is to bite the child.

Make him lie still while you trim his nails and clean his ears. If you do this often, he will get used to being handled and held around the head and muzzle area, in the down position and on his belly or side. You might bring home a pup that doesn’t like to be touched. Don’t stop touching him but do this in a gentle 43 manner until he grows used to your handling. Now, give him an occasional treat and lots of praise. Almost any dog can become aggressive when defending its food. To reduce his aggressive tendencies, teach your dog to sit and wait for the bowl to be placed on the floor in front of him.

Give him enough time to calm down. In pain or sickness: If your kid touches a dog when he is in pain or if he doesn’t understand where the pain comes from, the dog may think your kid is the cause of the pain and will bite you, believing that will stop the pain. If your dog is sick or hurt, tell your child to leave him alone and instead get him medical help. Anger: If your child touches any of his personal property such as his toys, bed, food and water bowls, yard, house or car, or if the child comes near anything that he feels is off-limits for the likes of you, he will bite you.

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