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By Zillah Eisenstein

In opposed to Empire, Zillah Eisenstein extends her critique of neoliberal globalization. confronted with an competitive American empire hostage to ideological extremism and violently selling the narrowest of pursuits, she seems to an international anti-war flow to counter US strength. relocating past the distortions of mainstream background, she detects the silencing of racialized, sex/gendered and classed methods of seeing. Eisenstein insists that the so-called West is as a lot fiction as fact, whereas the sexualized black slave exchange emerges as an early kind of globalization. Plural understandings of feminisms as other-than-western are wanted. Black the United States, India, the Islamic global and Africa envision certain conceptions of what it really is to be totally, polyversally, human. desire for a extra peaceable, simply and happier international lies, she believes, within the understandings and activism of ladies this day.

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5, 8, 19, 22. Eisenstein 02 2 28/6/04 1:57 pm Page 24 Thinking to See: Secrets, Silences, and ‘Befores’ Once I see that interpretation is already embedded in the very process of thought I recognize that there is a before that I cannot completely ever know or recover. The very idea of history itself is destabilized as a process of storytelling with different storytellers. I then wonder not which story is more truthful than the next but rather which viewings are inclusive of the tale of humanity at the start.

The body and its sexual raciality is a formidable place from which to know more thickly. This site of the body’s oppression: its torture and rape; its ill-treatment, sexual abuse and exploitation; its unwitting labor, demands that we see the human struggle for democracy from within slavery. From this site of bodily specificity, the false universalizations of colonization and globalization can be exposed. Eisenstein 02 28/6/04 1:57 pm Page 31 THINKING TO SEE 31 Slaves fought slavery because each slave was a human being.

Yet most middle-class and wealthy women are not found in the military. Private Lynch is West Virginia working-class poor. She is the age of Bush’s twin daughters, both attending college, far away from this war. Johnson and Piestewa, both single moms, were in the military in order to go to school. Necessity, more than equality seems to be the guide here. More often than not, inequity and sexual harassment, rather than sexual equality, is the mark of the US military. While the US makes war, the US Air Force, stands charged with multiple counts of rape.

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