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Young scientists will discover primary chemical ideas and find out about what occurs while an acid and a base combine and which solids are stable conductors of electrical energy. Many enjoyable experiments are nice rules scholars can use for technological know-how reasonable initiatives.

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Active means it will give up its electrons more readily to oxygen in the air. As a result, the zinc rusts before the iron can. In effect, the zinc is sacrificed to save the iron. In addition, the compound that forms when zinc and oxygen react serves as a protective barrier for the iron underneath. Here is a simple experiment using galvanized nails to prove that zinc is a more active metal than iron. You will collect one of the products made when a metal reacts with an acid. Place several galvanized nails in an empty plastic pill container.

Do this by subtracting the mass of the metal after it was placed in the vinegar from the mass of the metal before it was placed in the vinegar. Calculate the area of the metal rectangle by multiplying the length by the width. Because the zinc metal coats both sides, the area covered by the zinc is twice the area of the galvanized metal you measured. Express your answer in square centimeters (cm2). Next, calculate the volume of zinc on the metal. To do this, multiply the mass of the zinc by the inverse of the density of the zinc.

You may already know that batteries use chemical reactions to produce electrical currents. But did you know that batteries operate as a result of one chemical substance losing electrons that another chemical substance gains? Let’s learn more about redox reactions. 1 How Does Bleach Affect Stains? Materials: an adult scissors piece of white cotton fabric crayon lipstick tomato juice 2 large glass jars of the same size marking pen liquid bleaches with and without chlorine measuring cup clock or watch pair of rubber kitchen gloves water Liquid bleach is a cleaning product you probably have at home.

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