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Academic Art of Riding Marijke de Jong 13. FLYING CHANGE By nature, the canter is the gait in which the horse runs away from danger. In dressage, the canter is used to show controlled exercises such as the canter change. Canter is a three beat gait but it also has a moment in which all 4 legs of the horse are in the air. There is a left- and a right-canter. In the right canter, the right pair of legs comes further forward while in the left canter, the left pair of legs comes more forward. In the right canter the legs are lifted and put down in the following order: • Left hind leg • The diagonal pair: right hind leg + left front leg at the same time • Right front leg • All legs in the air Canter change In a flying canter change the horse changes the canter from right to left or vice versa in the moment when all legs are in the air.

Make whole transitions and halts shorter and shorter. Finally, the horse will already change the canter at a half halt (actually, this is disobedience from the horse since it does not wait for the riders aids, but in first instance it should be rewarded. Later on, the horse should learn to distinguish between a canter-halt transition and a canterhalt- canter change transition). By bending the horse from a slight renvers to slight hindquarter-in in the flight moment, the flying change is done. Aids The following aids are given simultaneously during the flight-moment: • The new inside leg is placed on the girth.

In a later stage of training, transitions from levade to piaffe are asked. com Pag. 39 of 47 Academic Art of Riding Marijke de Jong 17. TERRE Á TERRE History In the medieval times, terre á terre was the gait of the fight, in which the horse was most maneuverable to go into charge. In Renaissance and Baroque times, the exercise was used to make the horse more maneuverable. In terre á terre, the horse is free to move into any direction the rider wishes, to attack or avoid the opponent. The horse moves like a boxer or tennis player who is also in motion before he makes an attack or returns a ball.

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