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If Phonetics is a relatively fresh topic for ecu scholars of overseas languages and is eyed through them with a few sus­ picion as an invention that's intended to make their reports tough, it's much more so with English Phonetics for African scholars. haven't Africans been studying English for over a century, and with reliable leads to many circumstances, with out giving a notion to its phonetics? Why introduce this new topic and upload to the variety of books they need to learn and the variety of examinations they need to cross ahead of they could get their measure? but if the examine of a international language is to be modern its phonetics can't be ignored; to the contrary, it truly is as vital because the learn of its spelling, if no more so. With the discovery of radio and cell, of gramophone and tape-recorders, the significance of the spoken be aware has elevated immensely and it truly is way more crucial now than it used to be 100 years in the past that those that study a overseas language should still learn how to communicate it accurately. hence a brand new topic has been additional to the time table of language scholars and lecturers: the research and perform of the sounds of the language, and for the lecturers additionally the learn of the way to educate those sounds.

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Sa d:>:]; Quite right [kwai? rait]. ]: shut with t or with ? is still the same word; quite with t or with ? is the same word (see the examples in No. 145). A phoneme is capable of distinguishing one word of a language from all the other words of the same language. g. [haiJ-[taiJ-[lai] etc. It is always a house; but both a hotel and an hotel are heard: in a weakstressed syllable h tends to be dropped (or "voiced") between two voiced sounds; in that case the article comes to stand before a vowel and is an.

50. Yes. See no. 46. 51. No. It can be represented by all the vowel symbols of the ordinary spelling: liar [lai;:,] , printer [print;:,], author [0:9;:,], armour [a:m;:,], sulphur [sAlf;:,], possible [pos;:,bl]. 52. The backvowels are: [u:, u, 0:, 0, a:]. [A] is more central than back. 53. They will pronounce the two with the same vowel [0]. They should round the lips a little for dock. For duck they can start from [;:,] (see No. 45), opening their mouth wider while holding the [;:'], until they have reached the [A]-sound.

32. They pronounce both words with an [iJ-like vowel intermediate between [i:J and [iJ (viz. the Yoruba vowel i); the vowels are made short. 33. Try to make their [i:J closer by starting from the consonant [jJ; then tell them to draw it out so much that it really sounds too long to them. To get the right [iJ, make them pronounce their own [i:J holding it for a while, tell them to open their mouths farther and farther while doing so, until they cannot help producing the English vowel: it is impossible to sayan [i:J with the jaws wide apart.

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