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Staffed with green USAAF pilots and led through a handful of professional veterans of the yank Volunteer staff (AVG), the twenty third FG used to be shaped within the box at Kunming, in China, on July four, 1942 and flew wrestle missions that very same day. The teams 3 squadrons - the 74th, seventy fifth and 76th Fighter Squadrons - have been at the start built with war-weary P-40s passed down from the AVG. those have been supplemented via the hooked up sixteenth FS, flying new P-40Es, and all squadrons decorated the noses in their airplanes with fearsome and iconic sharksmouth designs.

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A few moments later someone called in a twin-engined enemy aircraft approaching down the coastline. Col H ill despatched a flight of the P-38s [Q go after it, and I Lt Robert Schultz quickly shot the aeroplane down. The Lighming flight was returning to its station when Hill spolled some enemy fighters taking offfrom the airfield ahead. A few seconds later, the P-38s found themselves in a fighter pilot's dream position when they saw a string of enemy bombers strung out low and slow in the landing pattern for their air base.

Nanning ... Wenchow. Foochow. @Kanchow . •• Changchow. Arnoy. Formosa " • Swataw. "@Canton @Tanchuk·.. ' # ••:@LiuChow • '. r·· :@Kweilin -. 1, •• # @Suichwan '. ' . •• Ling-Ling ~ _, • • Kunming 11II . . - Hengyang~: .... ~.. • Hanchow. ,@Wuchang : Paliuchi '. - Liangshan@ . @ Chungking. Enshlli » "- l aPeiping ••• SOUTH \ Hanoi CHINA Liuchaw Peninsula French Indo-China SEA Hainan MAP From its air bases in China, the USAAF's Fourteenth Air Force could strike targets in the Japanese-held areas of Hankow, Canton/Hong Kong, French Indochina and Burma, as well as harassing Japanese shipping lanes in the South China Sea 64 More action Followed on 25 July, when 15 Japanese fighters attempted ro catch a flight oFB-25s landing at HengyangaFter their bombing mission ro Hankow.

The Mustangs at Suichuan were in action the following day when Capt Stewarr led eight 76th FS P-51 As to Kienchang to arrack a railway bridge. This first arrempt at dive-bombing with the Mustangs was disappointing, s:: c: (/) -l :t> Z Gl (/) C- o Z -l :r: m cc :t> -l -l r m as two bombs hit the tracks south of the bridge, but not one of the 14 remaining bombs hit the bridge itselF. Soon, however, the 76th FS pilots would get the hang of dive-bombing with their new fighters, and the Mustang would ulti mately prove itselF to be as fine a dive-bom bel' as it was a fighter.

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