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Within the savage air strive against over Guadalcanal after which the both bloody air battles up Solomon chain, New Georgia and Bougainville, thirteenth Fighter Command took a again seat to Marine aviation in body of workers, gear, provide, operations, and exposure

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The P-400, known as the Model 14 or Airacobra I, was the P39D-l and D-2 model built for export to the French, who ordered 170 on 30 March 1940. When France fell the British assumed their order and planned on naming the fighter the Caribou, but left the name at Airacobra. The French contract was followed by two British orders of 205 and 300, and Bell built 675. The British flew the A smoking Japanese bomber plunges to its destruction off Guadalcanal. The bomber was undoubtedly shot down by Marine F4F Wildcats, as the Army P-400s could not reach the altitude the Japanese flew to intercept.

They were either stranded on or voluntarily returned to these islands to report on the Japanese. Radio reports from these outposts on passing ships and aircraft were their most important contribution, but they also reported on the Japanese air and ground strength, as well as building, geographic, and oceanographic information. The coast watcher on ew Georgia, Donald Kennedy, provided reports on Japanese aircraft flying from Rabaul, and his reports allowed fighter aircraft on Henderson to take off and get to altitude before the bombers reached their target.

Lansdale/USMC) 67FS pilots (left to right): Linwood Glazier, Barclay Dillon, Zed Fountain, and RB johnston at Tontouta, New Caledonia. (Lansdale/HeadI347FGA) 37 13 th Fighter Command in World War 1I Bougainville. In'egular nightly naval forces made up of warships were sent down the Slot to bombard the field and created a psychological threat when they didn't arrive. Occasionally "Oscar," a submarine, surfaced off Lunga and lobbed a few shells on Henderson or Tulagi. " They would fly back and forth and finally drop a few bombs that usually did no physical damage, but interrupted the sleep of the personnel below.

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