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4. 8". ~941 063341 D: 7-8. 8". RT 062330 Algol type Var. 6. 75d. 8. Sep. 2". Environs enticing. -9 41* 87- Chart 7-8 AURIGA: 55504540J5J02H0151J - XO' Unaided visually, the constellation of the LTnicorn. beat this hr, appears unimpressive: but astronomically it holds an important place in the annals of galactic research, proving that the more farrous constellations have no monoroly of stellar marvels. This one presents varied beauties and complexities. Even random sweeping charrrs. "-Campbell. 15 063610 Striking Tr.

P. Sp. Bin. Period,5588ds. + Par. 025. Dist. 1351 y. Mass, 3Yz XSun. p 084406 0:5-12. Sep. 12". o,crand 'f)Hydrae. In same field, with lesser lights, present a brilliant pageant. 8. Per. 256d. MONOCEROS: HVII 22 080905 Cl. Isolated, but bright and curious. 9. Per. 3 d. 8. Sep. 31". TIiE GIANT-DWARF THEORY. "Stars are of two races-giants and dwarfs. arge, bright and tenuous; the dwarfs small, faint and condensed. Our glorious Sun is only a dwarf; but practicalll all tbe naked-eye fixed stars are giants.

Glowing center. YDRA: IV27 102018 Neb. , Wolf-Rayet star-nucleus framed in double rings. -A radian is the semi-diameter of circle measured along its circumference. 8 sec. This lasl the astronomer's "lVlagic Number," and should be firmly fixed mind, for it performs an important office in celestial compuons. To ilL1Slrate; Tmagine yourself transported to somt t celestial point. Gazing back toward the earth, with e suitable measuring device you determine accurately its it around the Sun. 8 times the radius of t orbit-one astronomical unit, 92 millions of miles, or apĀ· ately six trillion miles-6 Jollowed by twelve cipherslight-years, since light, traveling at the rate of 186,400 per second, requires a little over three and one-quarter to traverse the distance.

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