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Книга a hundred Strangest Unexplained Mysteries a hundred Strangest Unexplained Mysteries Книги Исторические Автор: MAT LAMY Год издания: 2004 Формат: pdf Издат.:Arturus Publishing LTD Страниц: 208 Размер: 24,4 ISBN: 1841931683 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:A gripping and compelling account of a few of the main baffling and dazzling occasions, an amzaing compendium of the bizarre and the fantastic, contains a few of history's such a lot astonding stories of the stranage and supernatural and tells in vidid information the tale of either occasions and other people concerned.

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Local police records show that they were called by the US Air Force about the first incident on the morning of 26th December 1980. On the other hand, some reports state that a nearby radar station at RAF Watton recorded an unusual ‘uncorrelated target’ that disappeared near Rendlesham Forest at around 2am on 27th December. Other researchers have revealed that Halt actually called RAF Watton in 42 Unexplained Mysteries Jun 04/4 20/7/04 12:24 PM Page 43 Roswell publicised documents show the MOD did investigate the sightings but could find little cause for concern.

Other experts who have studied the surface of the planet have noted how similar it is to former, now driedup, river, lake and ocean areas on Earth. It all suggests that water was in abundance at some time on Mars. 34 Unexplained Mysteries Jun 04/4 20/7/04 12:24 PM Page 35 Men in Black Men in Black T miles away from Smyth’s house at the time of the visits. Other UFO investigators in the area, John Robinson and his wife Mary, also noticed strange things happening to them. A large dark car seemed to be parked outside their house in New Jersey City, with a strange man inside constantly watching them.

But these types of experiences are in the minority. Many feel a sense of violation and despair, very similar to rape victims. Often it is mixed with confusion, disbelief and a sense of possible insanity. Many abduction victims need counselling to regain some sense of stability and, in cases of extreme trauma, have been known to commit suicide. However, many researchers wonder if abduction memories are themselves caused by psychological problems, rather than the reverse. Little green man: a common view of what an alien ‘should’ look like.

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